Addicted to masturbation? Here’s some facts and tips for you

Addicted to masturbation? Here’s some facts and tips for you

Okay, let me ask you something first. Why are you here? Let me guess, you Googled “how to stop masturbating” or how to stop watching xxx videos, correct? Here you go, you first need to get rid of this thinking, or this guilt which perhaps you’re bearing in your mind since I don’t know how long.

Let me make something clear as crystal – masturbation is not harmful to your body; it’s a normal day-to-day thing like going to the toilet.

Is it an addiction, or can it become an addiction over time? Well, it depends. It can become an addiction, of course, if you can’t control your urge to do it systematically every day several times.

However, even if you’re addicted to it, it’s a not-so-bad addiction, at least not like smoking or taking drugs, not even close! So, rest assured and read on.

addicted to masturbation

When is masturbation a problem?

To get rid of the addiction, you first need to know if you’re addicted to it. Do you do it once every day? It’s normal, keep doing what you’re doing in your life, and you’ll be fine. Do you do it more than twice a day? Well, you’re probably addicted or will be addicted soon. And in that case, it may become a problem soon, unless you start acting to stop jerking off now and then.

Will I become sick soon if I keep masturbating?

Not at all, at least, nothing serious. First thing you need to do is unlearn all these myths or hearsay. Masturbation, even if you’re addicted to it, doesn’t cause any fatal disease, at least not directly. It, however, can cause you physically tired extremely and mentally sick.

You won’t be able to focus on more important things in your life like studying, playing, socializing, dating, focusing on your career, and having enough time with your friends and family. Down the line, if not taken care of soon, you will be depressed eventually, and depression is severe and hard to treat mental condition.

masturbation a problem

I can share some tips with you which have been proven to work in almost every case whoever tried diligently. Without further ado, let’s start then.

  1. Stop being shy or introvert, start socializing: Guys (or girls too, in some cases) who are addicted to masturbating, they usually tend to be shy and don’t like to be around with friends and family very much. You need to change this mindset. This won’t happen overnight, but you have to be patient and keep trying. Start with your family. Have some family time every day, or go to a theatre with friends or watch a soccer match. In short, try to reduce your alone time and keep yourself busy with something.
  2. Stop watching porn, instead start seeing a hot chick: Seriously, if you’re over 18 and addicted to masturbating, you need to stop watching porn and start dating a real-world girl. See the main problem is not the “sex”; the main problem is the lack of it. You’re not having sex in real-world; hence you’re trying to satisfy yourself with porn and subsequently by masturbating. It’s time to wake up. Go outside, try real-world dating and have some good mind f***ing sex, (don’t forget the rubber, ever) and see the difference. Let me assure you; this is one surefire answer of how to stop fapping almost immediately, works like a charm – every time!
  3. Have professional medical advice: When it comes to health, don’t ask Dr Google, instead have an expert opinion from an MD, in this case, a psychiatrist. He/she will examine you thoroughly and will help you to get rid of this addiction.