How to stop snapping at your partner and save your relationship

How to stop snapping at your partner and save your relationship

Love and relationship are complicated things to understand. And to make things simpler, we often tend to define a relationship based on a contract where we expect an equivalent return of our love and feelings. But we forget every person is different; hence, they express their love and compassion differently. This is the main reason we think that we are not getting the same value, same love, same attention that we are putting on our relationship – and then we outburst, and we snap at our partners.

And if you allow that to happen frequently, if you snap at your partner over every tiny thing, soon the relationship will reach to the point of no return, and we certainly do not want that to happen, correct?

So, let’s see what you can do to stop snapping at your partner before you realize that it’s too late.

stop snapping at your partner

  1. A relationship is not a contract:

This is the first and most important one of the steps to stop snapping at your partner.

You have to understand that love can never be conditional, and some rules can never bind the relationship. Love is a feeling which can’t be weighed; hence, you can never be sure exactly how much you love your partner, and if your partner loves you back equally or more.

This is what it is, you either have to accept it or have to put an end to the relationship. Everybody has their own ways to express their feelings and personal views to look at the relationship they are sharing with their partner.

For instance, if you’re the bread earner for your family and your partner is responsible for looking after the children and the home entirely – can you compare both to find if you’re investing equivalently in the relationship? If you think yourself as a superior or more important part in the relationship just because you’re earning money, think again.

  1. Open your mouth only if you’ve thought about it thoroughly:

We often hurt our partner on impulse, only to realize later that we didn’t mean to. But it’s your mouth which opened without considering both sides of the story. And soon you realize that there were some faults on your end too; however, the damage was done by then. If you face such situations frequently, try to not deal with the problem immediately – postpone it for later. If you’re feeling angry or emotional about something that happened just now, don’t start yelling to your partner right now, give it time.

Postpone it for some other time, and keep thinking about it till then. Only when you have thought about the situation multipole times, from the perspective of both sides, then you’re ready to talk about it.

  1. Fight the bigger battles:

You need to prioritize what battle you want to fight and which things are more important to you – and let go of the lesser ones. Remember, in a relationship, nobody wins a battle – you both lose at the end.

So, don’t think yourself a winner if you won a heated argument, because deep down, you’re losing the battle over time. Snapping at your partner for every little thing would make you a nagging and irritating person nobody likes to be in a relationship with.

  1. Think about the consequences:

You can deal with a problem in various manners and snapping at your partner should be the very last option. If you ever feel that this is the moment to express yourself about something, think about how you’re going to do it and consider all possible ways to avoid snapping your partner. You should choose the road which would not hurt your partner or would hurt least. After all, you love your partner and want your relationship to be a successful one, correct?